Vision Revenue Cycle Engine

The Revenue Cycle Engine is a next generation claim scrubbing and denial management system designed to maximize revenue. The backbone of our platform is a user driven rules engine that empowers subject matter experts to manage efficient use of labor resources and eliminate manual processes with guided automation.

How we can help you improve revenue:

  • Get paid quicker and more consistently. Increase first-pass resolution and reduce denials by identifying and correcting reimbursement problems upfront using sophisticated claim scrubber technology.
  • Reduce labor costs by creating an exceptions based workflow. Only look at things that require subjective review and automate the rest.
  • Realize significant productivity improvements by automatically distributing and tracking tasks at any point in the Revenue Cycle.

How we are different from traditional claim scrubbing products:

  • Highly customizable. Subject matter experts write the rules and manage the workflows; not technical staff and not an outside company that doesn’t understand your operation. Our product adapts to your business needs and processes.
  • Versatile. Our rules do more than just claim scrubbing; they can be applied at any stage of the Revenue Cycle from start to finish and can analyze any part of the patient record, not just the claim form.
  • Extensible. Our solution is designed with the understanding that each business will want to automate different processes in different ways. We work with all of our customers, to customize a set of automated actions that deliver the largest benefit to your organization.
  • Our tool doesn’t just print a report of things that you need to correct; we provide sophisticated tools to manage your workflows and to automate labor intensive tasks.
  • Built-in support for a number of billing systems including GE Centricity GroupManagement.
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Vision Revenue Cycle Engine Features

Rule Composer

The Rule Composer enables non-technical users to write rules quickly and effectively. Fully configurable, the Rule Composer mirrors the data elements of your existing billing system and contains a number of built-in operations and functions. With Rule Preview technology, you can ensure your Rule is doing exactly what you want before it goes into production.

Automated Actions

Each Rule triggers an automated action for qualifying transactions. The action could generate a review task, print an appeal letter, make an adjustment, or anything else you can imagine.

Electronic Workflow

The Revenue Cycle Engine can be configured with any number of worklists to mirror the people or departments within your operation. When a task is generated by a rule, it is placed into a worklist and then displayed to the end-user in the order they should be reviewed. Each task in the worklist contains detailed instructions to ensure consistency in the way tasks are performed.

Timely Compliance

Our Timely Compliance feature ensures that review tasks are performed in the timeframe you expect them to be completed and notifies users when they are out of compliance with those standards.


Ever consider how many days of work are tied up in pre-claim review or how many accounts your business is manually touching? Get a birds-eye view of these metrics and many more with our real-time Analytics feature.

Productivity Tracking

Our Productivity Tracking tool gives you valuable insight into detail of your processes and are useful in pinpointing staff and quality problems.

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