Revenue Cycle
Vision Revenue Cycle Engine
Work smarter. Work faster. Take control of your workforce and your data.
  • Improve cash flow and productivity while lowering labor costs
  • Submit clean claims every time with sophisticated claims scrubbing technology
  • Pinpoint problems, respond to denials, distribute tasks, and manage your workflow in all stages of the Revenue Cycle
  • Empower non-technical users with easy to write rules and automation
Vision Management Suite
Take control of your practice with a suite of essential tools.
  • Profile and manage all your contracts, physicians, employees, facilities, and assets
  • Streamline and track your contracting and credentialing processes
  • Centrally store critical business information and documents
  • Improve information sharing across your organization
Vision Bill-Pay
A safe, easy, and convenient way for your patients to pay their bill online.
  • Take credit and debit card payments
  • Enable patients to access their statement online
  • Increase cash flow and cut costs by automating payment posting
  • Integrate your practice’s logo and customize your url
Vision Analytics Portal for Centricity GroupManagement
Enable instant and secure web access to all your
generated reports.
  • Enable immediate self-serve access to all you analytics
  • Organize reports and add friendly descriptions for end users
  • Limit access rights with granular security permissions